Sunday, February 15, 2009

Where are they now? Oscar from Ghostbusters 2 update!

Have you ever watched Ghostbusters 2 and wondered, "What in the Who-You-Gonna-Call fuck happened to Oscar?" I mean, he was a unique (read: kinda ugly) looking kid that did a great job at being Sigourney Weaver's bastard child named after a penis. Brilliant! Alas, our beloved Oscar never received that Golden Globe or (wait for it...) Oscar nod he rightfully deserved. When Vigo tried to take over Oscar's body, I felt his cries of baby pain. Imagine my surprise when I did a quick google search and found out that little Oscar was played by twins! Twinsies like MK and Ashley! Their completely unpretentious, appropriate names are William T. Deutschendorf and Henry J. Deutschendorf II! If your eyes are ready to handle it, here's was Henry J the Second looks like now... Brace yourself.

Alright. You decide. Would you hit it?

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