Friday, February 20, 2009

Only one turned out gay? Really?

Thoughts provoked by looking at this piece of Americana for longer than 30 seconds (aka in great detail)...
  • Joey - Love the acid washed jeans, my friend. Though the whole Run DMC look, along with the itchy armpit/homie point with your hands isn't really working. I'd still let you fingerbang me in the back of your mom's Buick Le Sabre, though. Trust.
  • Danny - Never had love for you, Danny. Sorry. In fact, my clever ass, 5 year old self called you Monkey Boy. (Burn.) My only observation is that I thank the person in charge of wardrobe during this shoot. They kept you properly shielded from my poor, unsuspecting eyes.
  • Jonathan - We'll leave the obvious joke about your finger representing all the hard peen you would later suck in life. Instead, we shall focus on how you're dressed like Ellen. Presh.
  • Jordan - Really? Are you kidding me? You were the straight one out of the Knight brothers? Cause I think you've at least let someone slide the tip in if you can wear nothing but overalls with a straight (HA!) face.
  • Donnie - Just gonna throw this out there... At least we know what Ron Weasley will look like when he reaches Donnie's age...

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