Saturday, February 14, 2009

"...I carried a watermelon." Reasons why NOBODY puts Baby in the corner.

Dirty Dancing.
It's name alone provokes countless images of the awesomeness of the Swayz in his prime and Jennifer Grey pre career-ending nose job. As a child watching this movie, I enjoyed it for the general plot theme and the snappy dance numbers.
As an adult though, some startling things have been brought to my attention. Did you know that Dirty Dancing addressed massive social issues with countless underlying messages and issues they approached head-on.
For instance:
  • Abortion - Whoa, whoa, whoa! The 9 year old in me died a little when I realized what was really going on here.
  • Segregation - So, why is it that the only token black couple you see are dirty dancers that basically take it upon themselves to fuck on the dancefloor? Hmmm, producers?
  • Statutory Rape - Baby and Johnny... Need I say more? The Swayz is clearly a much older hott piece of man candy. High five on landing a man that dreams are made of, but WHOA! Her name is baby for a reason. Creeeeepy!
  • Adultery - All those rich, older women who are arguably our first documentation of a true Cougar that stay at the camp all summer long while their husbands only come up on the weekends? Sluts. And by sluts, I mean my heroes.

I am going to go out on a limb and nominate Dirty Dancing for movie of the genera... Nay, millenium. I don't see some lame-o RomCom starring Owen Wilson or Anne Hathaway coming close to ever covering all the issues this gem of a movie bull rushes through.

Baby, I will never put you in the corner.

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